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The idea of “The Make A Difference Community” has evolved from our founder, Michael Foldi. A lifetime of being involved in numerous fundraising activities, charity boards and meeting with over 100 charities created a belief there is a massive need for an improved fundraising model.
For 27 years Michael has invested heavily to learn from the smartest marketing minds and business strategists in the world. His passion of providing truly “outstanding value” in business combined with a very strong social conscience inevitably led to the creation of the Make A Difference Community.

Michael Foldi presenting the Make A Difference Community at a recent business lunch

Warwick Duncan joined the Make A Difference Community in 2016 after a career in marketing, sales and consulting. He too had been heavily involved in helping others for over 35 years and believed there must be a better way to help all the causes and charities desperately in need of support.

What do we believe?

Our world is not logical and would be very difficult to explain to a passing Martian! We have incredible wealth and yet there is tremendous suffering. A human life is highly valued however most of us regularly spend money on non important items that could directly save a life or reduce someone’s pain.
This is the (very large) elephant in the room! Of course the reasons for the “madness” are complex. Our view is the solution must be simple and integrate into our daily lives.

What is the problem with traditional fundraising?

All of us know there is an enormous amount of suffering in the world. The need can be overwhelming and paralysing. Where do we start? What difference can I make?
There are many problems with “traditional fundraising activities”. Most options:
1) are time consuming for the organiser(s) and or the supporters of the cause to participate.
2) provide a low “net cash return” after allowing for wages and costs.
3) do not provide an income flow.
4) cannot be repeatedly regularly.
5) do not make it easy for a supporter to inspire their friends and contacts to contribute regularly.

Raising funds for a great cause in our society is not easy. There are thousands of charities and “everyday heroes” who desperately need more funding to continue their inspirational work. Holding events, raffles, auctions, selling products, sponsored walks, runs, hikes and just straight up asking for donations. Enormous energy and time go into raising funds when so much additional benefit could be created if these amazing people simply had access to more money. There is not enough leverage, not enough scale in the traditional model.

Traditional fundraising will always be important. Coming together for a cause is a critical part of being involved in any community.
However we must be more strategic. We need to provide many billions of dollars to create a more equitable world and there is only one place that money is readily available – the “commercial” world.

What is the solution to raising more money easily?

The solution needs to be simple. It must be practical and fit into our daily lives. This is a game changing concept that activates the unused capacity of local businesses for social good.

The solution is to use our power as consumers to create a massive flow of cash to worthy causes.
The Make A Difference Community makes it easy for consumers to create cash for the causes they are passionate about by accessing money they are already spending. The model centres around “credits” that are provided by local businesses to the Make A Difference Community. “Causes” can then sell these “credits” and keep 100% of the proceeds. There’s no catch.

How is the Make A Difference Community funded?

We are fully funded by Make A Difference Office Machines. We do not have a bank account and never handle any money from the sale of credits.
Office Machines have to be one of the more boring industries to be involved in! However as a member of the Make A Difference Community we are directly helping the most amazing people to continue their work in the community. The office machines are now just a vehicle to helping make a “very big difference” in the world. We hope you agree.

If you are:
a business with ‘unused capacity’ like a restaurant, day spa, accommodation or anything really, and you want to grow your business, Contact Us now.
a charity, club or other cause that wants to raise more funds, Contact Us now.
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